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CEO RoundTable

Groups for: CEO’s, Executives and Business Owners

Unprecedented Times call for Unprecedented Leaders! Re-Define 2020 NOW
The world has been sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic. It feels as if all momentum forward in 2020 has come to a halt. The plans you made and the goals you set for your business and your life have been interrupted. But you are not alone.
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Choice Management
Discover the Time Management secret of all high performers and the super successful.
Learn what they are doing different to achieve their dreams.
Conflict Management
Discover How To
Address Conflict Head-On
Without Stress And Anxiety
CEO/Executive Roundtable
You belong in this group if you do not settle for "just ok" or "good enough". Take your business to the next level with forward-thinking, creative,
goal-focused Leaders.
Free Resources:
Discover the No BS Facts about Action Based Leaders and get the
AAF Checklist leadership success.
Free Audio Training to Understand WHO you ARE and HOW you Lead, embracing greater ability to lead effortlessly.
Top 10 Ways to Prep
Does the thought of going back to work stress you out or give you anxiety? Download the Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Yet Another New Normal.
 Free Quiz for Frustrated Leaders
"If only my team would Get
More $h!T Done?!?" 
Sound familiar? This is a question asked by so many frustrated leaders! You're not alone. And there is a better way to get your team to be more productive and get things done faster without the usual complaining about workload and not having enough time. Take this 5 question quiz to discover the secret!
Action Based Leaders:
Secret #1: Developed
Mastery of oneself takes discipline in action, accountability and follow-up. Action Based Leaders keep their commitments to oneself.

Secret #2: Developed the Power of Voice
Only leaders that have developed the Power of Voice will experience breakthrough leadership moments and true win-win for everyone.

Secret #3: Know
Their WHO
To be truly successful not only do you have to own your WHO, develop and hone your WHO, but you must also now lead with synergy and service from that space of who you are.
What People Are Saying:
"...Grow and Develop!"
When I saw Debbie train at a class I was attending, I knew immediately she was the one I wanted for me and my team. Since hiring her I have seen my team expand in their willingness to grow and develop which ultimately grows our company. 
"...WHY we get the results we have."
The expertise of her team brings us the tools we need to grow. Above all, Debbie and her coaching staff helps to remind us that “WHO we are and HOW we lead is WHY we get the results we have”. Having this awareness had changed how we develop, lead and communicate with our teams.
the Covers..."
Uncovering the covers... I never realized what was under there. I now understand what she means by: - "Who You Are... IS How You Lead"... I'm getting it Debbie...
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