Re-Focus  -  Re-Charge  -  Re-Boot

You belong in this group if you do not settle for "just ok" or "good enough" 

Next RoundTable Begins

The week of August 3rd

Specific Date and Time determined by the group

Unprecedented Times call for Unprecedented Leaders!
Re-Define 2020 NOW

You belong in this group if you do not settle for "just ok" or "good enough" - You excel in the challenges that have gotten you to where you are as a Leader. 2020 has brought setbacks but it will not take you down. What separates you from everyone else is that you are ready to gain the knowledge, capabilities and inspiration to turn this around and thrive.  You are ready to combine your strength with the strength of others of your caliber and rise up in 2020 and make it the most memorable comeback year ever.

You already know that change like this creates a massive opportunity for those with a plan.  You also know that a plan will not move you forward.  It takes BOLD action steps, solid accountability, and powerful follow up. This is how you execute and get the results you want.  You’re the role model and your team is following your lead.  It is time to Re-Define 2020 and build momentum. Being at the top does not need to feel lonely. Get support and answers from those that have been there and want the same as you. Take your business to the next level with forward-thinking, creative, goal-focused Leaders. 
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